How many things can you do in 180 days? How about a nice stay at your local hospital having a heart valve replacement, both legs amputated below the knees, two strokes, 8 teeth removed ....and a Partridge in a Pear Tree!  

Tiffany has had a close to near death experience because of drugs mainly Methamphetamines and Prescription Drugs by not caring about her own personal health resulting in two strokes, both legs amputated below the knees, and an Aortic Heart Valve replacement on her 30th birthday. She has a story that most will not believe until they meet her. Through determination and hard work, she hopes to influence others to get out and stay out of the world of addictive behaviors through Tiffany's moving story. Tiffany would enjoy the chance to share her story with youth and adults.

Tiffany concentrates on Drug Prevention and Making Positive Choices. She can tailor her presentation to meet your needs. She will discuss with you the issues you may be facing in your community. She really brings her message home!


Red Ribbon Week is October 23-31, 2014

"Love Yourself Be Drug Free" Theme

Red Ribbon Week is the largest and oldest Drug Prevention Campaign and the most effective amoung our youth.

Red Ribbon Week isn't just a celebrated week out of the year it should be celebrated EVERY DAY!!!

The Power to Overcome & Change

Through examples, illustrations and stories, Tiffany transforms real life experiences with drug abuse into effective strategies for positive change in an honest and heartfelt way.          

Topics Tiffany Addresses

*Drug Prevention

*Making Positive Choices

*Overcoming Adversity

*Lifestyle Changes

Tiffany attended Northern Arizona University's College of Communication where she achieved a B.A. in Liberal studies - specializing in Speech Communications. Before she could realize her career goals, she became involved in using illegal drugs and lost sight of not only her career goals, but also HERSELF! There are decisions that each of us make in life that shape us and help us move forward. There too are decisions that hold us back either temporarily or permanently. Tiffany hopes to help positively change the direction of someone's life by sharing with them the story of her journey back to health.


This program is designed for youth, teens, school assembly programs, colleges/universities, parent organizations, churches/church youth groups, State/Federal agencies, health professionals and social and rehabilitation service organizations. She will craft each program to meet your needs by placing emphasis on issues of particular concern to you.

Some Examples Where Tiffany Speaks:

*Middle and High School Assemblies

*College and Universities

*Medical and Dental Schools

*Keynote Speeches

*Community Organizations

*Churches/ Church Youth Groups

Recent Speaking Engangements Include:

*Mothers Against Methamphetamines (MaMA'S) National Convention


*Harvard University

*Sponsored by the Elks Lodge for Red Ribbon Week

*Boys and Girls Club of America National Convention

*Missouri Institute of Mental Health Convention

*Recently, she has done an appearance on

Teen Trouble with Josh Shipp on the Lifetime Network on Friday nights at 10p.m. Central.

*4 years experience speaking with Middle, High School, College students in the nation

"The best fight against Drugs is PREVENTION"