Teen Trouble on Lifetime Network with Josh Shipp Epidosde: Ashley  aired January 18, 2013.

Maury Show on the Fox Network Aired March 20, 2013.

"Our audience of teens and adults were engaged, captivated and in awe as Ms. Eis told them and showed them the damaging effects that substance abuse can have on anyone's life.  Her question and answer "open-mic" session afterwords was heartfelt, honest and effective, as well.  I feel that this presentation would be beneficial to future community, schools and faith-based groups, alike.  Ms. Eis was very professional, personable and flexible to work with."

Kimberly Y. Warren, MS Ed.
MCE CEO/Director
Word of Faith/ Assistant Pastor

"In class afterwords, we heard students commenting that they had thought it was just going to be another one of those convocations you had to go to.  As they returned to class that day they were talking about not using drugs.  As teachers we felt the students had been touched by Tiffany.

Ps. For the sake of your children we encourage you to have Tiffany Eis come talk to them."

Mr. Leslie Stevens, School Psychologist
Auburn High School

"The shocking reality check you provided by offering your story was unlike anything I have experienced before.  Your ability to communicate on a down-to-earth level while conveying a serious and imperative message is phenomenal.  You provided one of the best assemblies our school has seen.  Thank you so much for sharing your life experiences to influence the lives of others." - Ashley H (Student)

"Tiffany's no nonsense, direct approach has a way of reaching students that most presenters don't" - Teacher

"The shock value of your pictures and some statements is what kids respond to when you dropped your legs off on the ground. You had everyone's attention. I think it is very hard to argue or scoff at personal experience! I think this experience you have had (as awful as it is) is the best part of your message (it is REAL). You are not someone who has read about and taught how to tell others what you have been through." -Teacher, Tarkio, MO

"It is with great pleasure I write a recommendation for Tiffany Eis. We had the opportunity to have her take the time to tell her story as a part of the Harvard School of Dental Medicines Oral Surgery Group. Her message, a powerful example of the grip illicit substances have on America's youth, was able to captivate an audience of dentists, dental students and oral surgeons. She also sparked a wonderful discussion about the involvement of the dental community in the struggle to recognize and prevent drug abuse. She came prepared with a presentation showing not only vivid images of the severity of the injuries she suffered, but also a clear message capable of changing lives of vulnerable youth and adult population facing difficulty with substance abuse. She was able to show our groups that the patients we see suffering from the consequences of drug abuse, can come from all socio-economical backgrounds, and are capable of beating drug addiction, by using their experience for the betterment of our communities. I would recommend Tiffany to any organization seeking a motivational speaker with a powerful message."    -Dr. Matthew Lawler, DMD, Harvard School of Dental Medicine

"Watching the students watch Ms. Eis showed their interest. Their eyes were glued to her." -Julie B. Atchison Middle School

"You were very inspirational and eye opening. Your honesty made it feel like a one-on-one heartfelt conversation. Thank you." -Tarkio, Missouri

"I love your openness, mental maturity, and sense of humor." - Teacher

"Being blunt about what happened." -Student